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Let's Drink To That

On and On and On

Make sure to connect with the lyrics.Male & Female KeyKey of Gb (Bb3-Eb5)Video is in Gb<> Performed by Elizabeth Ann Berg at 54 Below

On The Edge

Sing it loud, give 'em hell! Pick your transposition:Key of F (G3-C5)Key of A (B2-E4)Key of C (D3-G4) Video is in F Performed by Julia Mattison at 54 Below

I'll Stick Around

From THE LET'S DRINK TO THATThis song is all about making the promise to live. Find hope in the hurt.Male Key - A (E3-B4)Female Key - D (A3-E5) Video is in AKeith White at 54 Below on September 11, 2017

Something Good

From the concert LET'S DRINK TO THAT This song is about holding onto something that isn't there, more specifically, a friendship. Make sure to connect to that idea before singing this song. It's fun to sing, but it needs a committed energy.Video is in AF. Michael Haynie at 54 Below on September 11, 2017