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    Run Away Home

    Run Away Home tells the story of Gabriel Morel, a 20-something Frenchman who convinced a grieving family that he was their long lost 16-year -old son, Clay. Though Gabriel looked nothing like Clay, the family took him in as their own. Inspired by true events.

    Simply Because

    From RUN AWAY HOME Video in Eb: Lindsay Mendez; demo recording    Video in F: Krysta Rodriguez at 54 Below

    I'm Clay

    From RUN AWAY HOME. Video is in Fm: Jake Boyd at Artist Studio on 3/10/2013 Gabriel has, at this point, taken on numerous made-up identities in order to escape his past. In this moment he considers stealing someone's actual identity: posing as Clay, the missing son of a Texas family. He fears that he'll be found out, but imagines what...