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  • No Ordinary Girl
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No Ordinary Girl

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DISCLAIMER by Drew Gasparini: "No Ordinary Girl" was written for a concert that practiced freedom of artistic voice and was showcased as a farce*. The composer, Drew Gasparini, would like to make it clear that the storytelling in this song is not based on any truth, nor are the situations and colorful thoughts/language a reflection on the views of the writer or anyone at NMT.
*Farces are funny, absurd pieces using buffoonery and crude characterization to highlight the ridiculousness of the human condition.
Notes for the singer: YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR TO DO THIS SONG. And you MUST MUST MUST commit to the humor of it. It's bound to offend someone, but make sure the suspension of disbelief creates charm instead of mean intent. Also, performers must be great improvisers.

Performed by Brandon Ellis & Ben Crawford at 54 Below on May 3rd, 2014.