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"Party Hat" Mug

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"Meow.  Meow meow meow, meow."

That's #DianeKitten gently reminding you in the morning it's time for some caffeine!

"Meow.  Meow MEOW MEOW."

And that's #DianeKitten saying that, while she's not such a fan of the party hat you've tied to her, she'll tolerate it for a while because she loves you and also mostly because you feed her.


This mug, inspired by Joe Iconis' "Party Hat", is decent for snuggles (especially when warm), and will definitely tolerate a lot more antics from its owner than a cat will.  


Product Info:

This high quality 11oz. ceramic white mug has a premium hard coat that is sure to last for years. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages. 

• Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

• Design on both front and back

• 3.7″H x 3.7″W x 3.2″D

• 10.2″ Circumference


Design Created by Alycia Yerves Creative