ADULTS SHIT THEIR PANTS TOO: a list of thanks by Drew Gasparini

I was gonna use this month’s blog post as another outlet to promote my upcoming concert on December 13th at 54 Below in NYC, but the show is ALREADY sold out!  We sold out a month in advance, so thank you all for the tremendous support.  54 Below gave me another concert date in January due to the speed of ticket sales, so MEGA thanks for that!  Stay posted about that added show!

turkeyANYWAY… now that I don’t need to plug the show, I suppose I’ll write about something else.  Today, the day I’m writing this, it is the day before Thanksgiving, and I am home in the San Francisco Bay Area for some family/turkey good time.  So in honor of that, and the upcoming holiday/giving season, I thought I’d talk about some of the things that I’m thankful for.  The things that keep me going… Hopefully by you reading them, they get you thinking about what you’re thankful for or even get you to relate to some of the things I mention.

First and most importantly-  I’m thankful for comfort.  “Comfort” will be a theme in everything I mention. What I mean by comfort is that I’m thankful for the relaxed realness that you get with people you’re close with.  To me, comfort means being yourself.  Comfort is crying in front of friends.  Comfort is owning mistakes.  Comfort is hearing the girl you have a crush on fart for the first time making you go from “like” to “love.”  Realness you can’t have unless you embrace comfort.

I’m thankful for my age.  I’m 27 years old which is still relatively young, but it’s near the end of the 20’s and as I approach 30 I’m noticing the changes.  Changes that I’m just starting to embrace.  First of all… puberty never ends.  …Never.  Fucking.  Ends.  I wake up everyday with less hair on my head and more hair on my back and ass (INTERESTED, LADIES???).  Going out for a late night doesn’t excite me as much as staying in and playing piano.  Losing weight is becoming more and more impossible.  And exercise is now harder than ever because I have this weird thing that happens to my knee.  I don’t know what it is… but it’s a thing, and it happens.  Getting older just means I’m getting closer to an even more elevated state of comfort.  Bodies change.  Can’t be young forever.  I dig it.  Onward.

I’m thankful for money.  I don’t have much, but I’m a fan of it and I look forward to having plenty of it one day.  That being said, I made a choice this year to not worry about money.  Money is a constant stress for EVERYONE.  I may be able to live life and get by, but there are always point in the year when I get so close to flat broke that it’s almost comical to me.  I know how hard I work, and I know that it all not be for naught.  I know that my hard work will pay off one day, so why worry?  Keep working hard.  Keep being kind.  Great things will happen.  Money will come, and who knows, maybe it’ll buy me a “comfy” lifestyle.  It helps to have a good attitude.

I’m thankful for people who are assholes.  Thank you for being the way you are.  It reminds me never to be like you.

Here’s an obvious one… I’m thankful for my family.  And that INCLUDES my friends.  If you don’t consider your friends part of your family, then you’re doing it wrong.  Make friends that stick.  The lifelong kind.  Those are the ones that matter.

Last and certainly not least, I’m thankful for eye-opening realizations.  Realizations help me come to terms with the way things are, and help me sleep better at night. Here are some that I’ve made in the last year…

  • When you’re driving and you’re picking your nose, and you make eye contact with someone else in another car who is ALSO picking their nose, you give each other a look as if to say “we must be soul mates.”
  • Most reality shows are actually the worst things on the planet… truly.  The sound of Kim Kardashian’s speaking voice gives me hemorrhoids.
  • I truthfully can’t do ANYTHING else with my life other than making/performing music.  I’m not passionate about anything nearly as much as that type of creativity.
  • Fart noises well never not be funny.
  • Kids sometimes shit in their pants… but you know what? … adults do too.  It’s funny AND sad.

We are getting close to closing the chapter of 2013.  This year I’ve had some high highs but also I hit my LOWEST low as well.  Lots to learn from, and for that, I’m thankful.

Keep creating.  Keep supporting the artists you love.  Keep working.  And keep remembering that there’s a lot to be thankful for.  Once you sit down and think about what those things are, you will feel more… well… comfortable.  🙂

Thanks for the love and support!

More bloggin’ in the New Year!  2014 is gonna be a good one for ALL of us!


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