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Make Me Bad

Winner: PACE New Musicals- 2013. Described as a new musical thriller, Make Me Bad follows the story of Daisy Harris, a mid-twenties resident of Billings, Virginia; whose life, like the town itself, is at a standstill. A string of unexplained murders shakes the town; coinciding with the arrival of a 'freelance entrepreneur,' Max. The relationship formed between the two not only reveals the atrocities of Daisy's past - but prefaces what is to come. The score is an eclectic rock/folk vibe - somewhere between a Spring Awakening/Bonnie & Clyde feel.


From Make Me Bad. Lindsay Mendez at Joe's Pub (NYC) on 1/22/2012Songs debut performance Watch for tempo and feel changes

I Just Can't Stop

From Make Me Bad. Ben Crawford & Lindsay Mendez at Joe's Pub (NYC) on 3/27/2012This is the debut of this song from the new serial killer musical, "Make Me Bad"Dynamics are key in order to give this song the sexiness it needs

Make Me Bad

From Make Me Bad. Lindsay Mendez at Joe's Pub NYC on 3/28/2011This was "Make Me Bad's" live performance debut. Lindsay Mendez embodies this character and song. Lindsay Mendez at Joe's Pub NYC on 3/27/2012A year after this song's debut and it still rings with the same fire brought on by Lindsay Mendez's amazing personality and performance.This song comes from a...

Out Of My Hands

From Make Me Bad. Ben Crawford at Joe's Pub (NYC) on 3/27/2000this is the songs debutThough twisted and about something so very dark, this song needs to be given the sexiness the music calls for

Beyond the Nightmare

From MAKE ME BAD. Measures 3-30 make for a really memorable audition cut! Performed by Ben Crawford at Lincoln Center on February 23rd, 2015.