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Hot Mess In Manhattan

The Text Message Song

From Cait Doyle's "Hot Mess In Manhattan". Cait Doyle at The Duplex on 9/20/2008The debut of this song.


As Performed by Cait Doyle on YouTube

Own It

Male/female duet from Hot Mess In Manhattan, as performed in the show. Recommended for most women and a very high tenor. Key of D. The low note is F#3. The high note is B4. 

The Mess

Ryan Scott Oliver at Don't Tell Mama on 5/02/2008

Own It - Two Girls

Duet from Hot Mess In Manhattan transposed for two women. Key of Eb. The low note is G3. The high note is C5. 

Own It - Lower

Male/female duet from Hot Mess In Manhattan, a whole step down from the show key. Recommended for tenors and altos. Key of C. The low note is E3. The high note is A4. 

Sleep Song

From Hot Mess in Manhattan. Sarah Ziegler and Nick Gaswirth at The Duplex in New York City on 1/17/2012 Cait Doyle and Steven Booth at 92nd St. Y Tribeca in New York City on 11/23/2010