What if I didn't want downloadable sheet music?

As noted on our "About us,"  "Learn More About Digital Sheet Music," and "Shipping" pages, our website sells digital sheet music. Because there is no way to know whether or not you still have a copy of the sheet music once you've clicked the download link, we cannot offer refunds on sheet music due to buyer's remorse. Please see our Return/Refund Policy for more information on refunds. 


I tried to place an order, but I got taken back to my cart. Was my order processed? 

In most cases, that means your order was not processed. However, before submitting your order a second time, please contact us at customerservice [at] newmusicaltheatre.com and we will investigate. 

Why can’t I save my download?

The file is usually saved to your computer automatically through the download process. You can find your sheet music or songbook in your Downloads folder – or any other location on your computer where you can usually find files downloaded from the internet. From there, you can drag your music onto your desktop or into any other folder with your mouse. If it was not in any of those locations, try looking for it in a tab of a browser window, and save the file using the browser's menu or a Print to PDF function.

Can you transpose my music? 

NewMusicalTheatre.com offers transpositions only for select products. Generally it is clearly denoted on the product page which transpositions are available, though all Kerrigan-Lowdermilk sheet music can be transposed into any key upon request. If you're torn between two different keys and have questions about a range before purchasing a song, or want to request a transposition not listed as available please email customerservice [at] newmusicaltheatre.com and we'd be happy to help you out.

If you have purchased the wrong key and the key you want is available, we are always happy to send you the desired key once we've confirmed your order.

I never received a confirmation email / My confirmation email does not have a link to download my music. How can I access my download?

Our automated system currently has trouble with all diacritical marks (accents, graves, umlauts, e.g. é, è, ü, etc)  We are working on a fix, but in the meantime, please reach out to customer service if you have trouble with your download, OR spell your account name without diacritical marks before placing an order.)

If you haven’t received a confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Please also make sure you’re checking the same email address associated with your NewMusicalTheatre.com account.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, your order may not have gone through. Please email customerservice [at] newmusicaltheatre.com and we'd be happy to confirm whether we've received your order. 

The links to download your music can be found in a second email from orders@newmusicaltheatre.com entitled "NewMusicalTheatre: Your Order Is Ready!" Please save the file to your computer immediately upon clicking the link, and before printing.  

I clicked the "Forgot My Password" link - when can I expect a new password to be emailed to me?

If a new password is not sent to you within a few minutes, please email customerservice [at] newmusicaltheatre.com and we can help you out. 

Can I return the physical merchandise I purchased?

Unfortunately, as all of our merchandise is printed custom on demand, we are able to offer refunds or replacements only in very limited circumstances. Please see our Return/Refund Policy for specific details. 

If there is something physically wrong with the product you received (including a printing error), take a picture and send it to our customer service along with a description of the problem ASAP and we will work to get you a refund or replacement.

Again, please see our Return/Refund Policy for specific details. Thanks. 💜

I HAD an account. What happened to it?

As a part of our migration to the new site in March of 2017, we migrated over all existing customer accounts.

You will need to reactivate your account by registering using the same email address you used on the old site. All of your old data and orders will still be there, but the registration bridges the data migration.

With any other questions, please email customerservice [at] newmusicaltheatre.com