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Genre: Gospel


from DADDY LONG LEGSKey of E (E3-G#4)Piano/Conductor score

Ready To Be Loved

As Performed by Shoshana Bean on YouTube

Pretty Sweet Day

As Performed by Steven Booth and Colin Hanlon on YouTube

Ready To Be Loved - Duet

As Performed by Patina Miller and Shayna Steele on YouTube

House of Love

From the album "37 Notebooks" (as performed by Shoshand Bean)As performed by Shoshana Bean:

At This Turn in the Road Again

music by Georgia Stitt lyrics by Bill Wright

Stand Tall

As Performed by Jesse Nager on YouTube

Is This Not Love

From Twelfth Night  This is a plaintive ballad about the agony and ecstasy of unrequited love. Performed by Shaina Taub in the Shakespeare in the Park production. Transpositions available upon request Key of Ab: