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Jordan & Nash

Clubs and Diamonds / Prattle 6

From MURDER BALLADKey of AmRecording is in AmRebecca Naomi Jones & Karen Olivo

Murder Ballad Vocal Selections

Lyrics by Julia Jordan & Juliana NashMusic by Juliana NashIncludes: Murder BalladNarrator 1I Love NYLittle By Little Troubled MindPromises Turning into BeautifulPrattle 1 / Narrator 5Coffee's OnSaraMouth TattooSugar Cubes & Rock SaltMy NameThe Crying SceneBuilt for LongingAnswer MeYou Belong to MeI Love NY - Reprise 2I'll Be ThereCrying Scene - RepriseWalk Away / Promises - Reprise Clubs and Diamonds / Prattle 6Finale...

Mouth Tattoo

From MURDER BALLADKey of GVideo is in GCaissie Levy, Will Swenson, and Rebecca Naomi JonesKerry Ellis, Ramin Karimloo, and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt

The Crying Scene

From MURDER BALLADKey of C (F3-A4)Video is in CRebecca Naomi Jones at the Lilly Awards cabaret on June 2, 2014

Coffee's On

From MURDER BALLADKey of C (G3-D5)Video is in CKaren Olivo and Rebecca Naomi Jones

Murder Ballad

From MURDER BALLAD Key of C#mVideo is in C#m Rebecca Naomi Jones, John Ellison Conlee, Karen Olivo & Will Swenson

I'll Be There

From MURDER BALLADKey of Bm (A2-F#4)Recording is in BmWill Swenson and Rebecca Naomi Jones

Sugar Cubes & Rock Salt

From MURDER BALLADKey of G (D3-G4)Recording is in GJohn Ellison Conlee

You Belong to Me

From MURDER BALLADKey of BmRecording is in BmKaren Olivo, Will Swenson & John Ellison Conlee