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Jordan & Nash

Murder Ballad

From MURDER BALLAD Key of C#mVideo is in C#m Rebecca Naomi Jones, John Ellison Conlee, Karen Olivo & Will Swenson

Coffee's On

From MURDER BALLADKey of C (G3-D5)Video is in CKaren Olivo and Rebecca Naomi Jones

Sugar Cubes & Rock Salt

From MURDER BALLADKey of G (D3-G4)Recording is in GJohn Ellison Conlee

Murder Ballad Vocal Selections

Lyrics by Julia Jordan & Juliana NashMusic by Juliana NashIncludes: Murder BalladNarrator 1I Love NYLittle By Little Troubled MindPromises Turning into BeautifulPrattle 1 / Narrator 5Coffee's OnSaraMouth TattooSugar Cubes & Rock SaltMy NameThe Crying SceneBuilt for LongingAnswer MeYou Belong to MeI Love NY - Reprise 2I'll Be ThereCrying Scene - RepriseWalk Away / Promises - Reprise Clubs and Diamonds / Prattle 6Finale...

Mouth Tattoo

From MURDER BALLADKey of GVideo is in GCaissie Levy, Will Swenson, and Rebecca Naomi JonesKerry Ellis, Ramin Karimloo, and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt

Clubs and Diamonds / Prattle 6

From MURDER BALLADKey of AmRecording is in AmRebecca Naomi Jones & Karen Olivo

You Belong to Me

From MURDER BALLADKey of BmRecording is in BmKaren Olivo, Will Swenson & John Ellison Conlee

Turning into Beautiful

From MURDER BALLADKey of GRecording is in GJohn Ellison Conlee and Karen Olivo

Troubled Mind

From MURDER BALLADKey of ARecording is in AJohn Ellison Conlee, song ends at 1:30