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Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Volume 1

Includes: The Ballad of Sara Berry (from 35MM) Caralee (from 35MM) Crayon Girl (from Out of My Head) Dull Little Ache (from Darling) Halfway A Hypochondriac's Song (from Out of My Head) Lost Boy (from Darling) Make Me a Picture of the Sun The Mess Odyssey On Monday (from 35MM) Peace The Plane (is Going Down) (music by Eric Day)...

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Volume 2

Includes: Cut You a Piece (from 35MM)Her Sweater (from Mrs. Sharp)Insides Out (from The Frog Prince Continued)Leave, Luanne (from 35MM)Living Dead (from Jasper in Deadland)Love Killer (words by Tony Asaro) Make Me Happy (from 35MM)Mrs. Sharp (from Mrs. Sharp)Never (from Darling)No One's Gonna Love You, Bitch (words by Gordon Leary) Out of My Mind (from Mrs. Sharp)Song of the Dead...

Ordinary Days Vocal Selections

from the off-broadway musical Ordinary DaysIncludes: Don't Wanna be HereFavorite PlacesSort-Of Fairy TaleFineHundred-Story CityCalm - FemaleCalm - MaleGotta Get OutI'll Be HereSeeing You There  

Daddy Long Legs Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Paul GordonIncludes:Oldest Orphan  Who Is This Man?  Mr. Girl Hater  She Thinks I'm Old  Like Other Girls  Things I Didn't Know  What Does She Mean By Love?  I'm a Beast  When Shall We Meet?  The Color of Your Eyes  The Secret of Happiness  My Manhattan  I Couldn't Know Someone Less  The Man I'll Never Be  The...

A Mr. Joe Iconis Songbook

Music & Lyrics by Joe IconisIncludes:Broadway, Here I Come! (Male Version)Blue Hair  Lisa  Play The Princess  Jeff  Party Hat  Velociraptor  Joey Is A Punk Rocker  The Goodbye Song  Contact customer service for custom transpositions

Be More Chill Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Joe Iconis Contains the original keys of the following songs:Jeremy's ThemeMore Than SurviveI Love Play RehearsalThe Squip SongTwo-Player GameBe More Chill / Do You Wanna RideA Guy That I'd Kinda Be IntoUpgradeHalloweenMichael in the BathroomThe Smartphone HourThe Pitiful ChildrenThe Pants SongVoices In My HeadOther transpositions available upon request. Contact customer service after purchase.

String Vocal Selections

A 12-song digital collection of songs from String, a new musical with music and lyrics by Adam Gwon (Ordinary Days) and a book by Sarah Hammond (Green Girl). On a starry mountaintop, three sisters – goddesses known as the Fates – spin, measure, and snip the String of Life. After angering Zeus, they find themselves banished to a modern skyscraper...

Sense and Sensibility Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Paul GordonIncludes:Darker Shade of Grief  Lavender Drops  Elinor  So the Poets Say  Eldest Son  Lydia  Rain  Willoughby  Somewhere in Silence  The Wrong Side of Five and Thirty   There He Is Again  The Response  The Swing  Not Even You  The Visit  Edward and I  Stow Away  Bedside

Murder Ballad Vocal Selections

Lyrics by Julia Jordan & Juliana NashMusic by Juliana NashIncludes: Murder BalladNarrator 1I Love NYLittle By Little Troubled MindPromises Turning into BeautifulPrattle 1 / Narrator 5Coffee's OnSaraMouth TattooSugar Cubes & Rock SaltMy NameThe Crying SceneBuilt for LongingAnswer MeYou Belong to MeI Love NY - Reprise 2I'll Be ThereCrying Scene - RepriseWalk Away / Promises - Reprise Clubs and Diamonds / Prattle 6Finale...