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Go Tonight

From The Mad Ones (Formerly ...Sam Brown). As performed by Krystina Alabado Off-Bway fall of 2017.  "...because time has passed and I feel like I can say this without any rancor, I would just like to go on the record saying that The Mad Ones is not about plot. It was never about plot. It’s a Russian doll of grief. You get...


Kristin Stokes, Chris McCarrell, & Jorrel Javier sing, Try on the The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Deluxe Edition, Available on Broadway Records.  

Miles To Go

From The Mad Ones (Formerly ...Sam Brown). As performed by Leah Hocking Off-Bway fall of 2017.  Read more about the origin of the song in a blog post by lyricist Kait Kerrigan. Key of Db. The low note is F3. The high note is Db5. Transposition available to ANY KEY upon request.  Contact customer service after purchase.Performed by Kait Kerrigan.

Fly High

An inspirational ballad about conquering your fears and achieving your dreams. Performed by Broadway's Ashley Spencer and recorded by Matilda on Broadway star, Emma Howard. Key of F (F2-D4) Emma Howard at 54 Below on 4/07/2015 Ashley Spencer at The Green Room 42 on June 16, 2018

His Song

From The Boy Who Danced on Air Writers: Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne The Boy Who Danced on Air is a love story that takes place between two dancing boys in Afghanistan (Paiman and Feda). This is the single track from the album that narrates the love story. Choose your transposition:Key of A (E3 to D5) (Original Key)Key of Bb...

Dare To Dream (Album version)

From Where the Sky Ends An inspirational anthem from Mott's original musical, Faustus, which has since been rewritten and renamed In The Light, A Faustian Tale. This version of "Dare To Dream" appeared on Mott's debut album Where The Sky Ends and was recorded by TONY Award Nominees Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes. Key of A/C Laura Osnes & Jeremy Jordan at 42 West on...

Dare To Dream (Show version)

From In The Light, A Faustian Tale An inspirational anthem from Mott's original musical, In The Light, A Faustian Tale. "Dare To Dream" has been performed by TONY Award Nominees Jeremy Jordan, Laura Osnes, Sierra Boggess, Jason Gotay, Renee Rapp and Antonio Cipriano. Key of A/C Sierra Boggess & Jason Gotay at 54 Below on 8/20/2017

Christmas, Will You Stay?

This rich original Christmas ballad has been referred to as a "modern standard." Recorded by TONY Nominee Laura Osnes, "Christmas, Will You Stay?" is performed around the world every Holiday season by some of the biggest orchestras, including The Boston Pops.   Key of EbPerformed by Laura Osnes     Performed at Feinstein's 54 Below  


From THE ANXIETY PROJECT. The closing number of The Anxiety Project – an anthem for soloists and an ensemble about the journey and the triumph of a community’s struggle and movement out of the darkness of anxiety and depression. Key of F#m