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Soon Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Nick BlaemireIncludes:When The World EndsBar Mitzvah Pre-prisePeanut ButterHow Are YouSweet and Golden BrownPeanut Butter RepriseScene 6 UnderscoringBohemia ParadisoWorld Ends RepriseBelieve MeBar Mitzvah for the First Jewish FishHow Are You RepriseHasn't HappenedHow Do You KnowPeanut Butter RepriseMake Love   (please note all songbooks are digital download only)

Peanut Butter

from SOON Key of F (B3-C#5) Video is in Eb (1 step down) Molly Hager at BEHIND THE MUSIC-AL: TEENAGE DREAMS at 92YTribeca

World End Reprise

from SOONKey of E (B3-C#5)

How Do You Know

from SOONKey of F#mNick Blaemire at BEHIND THE MUSIC-AL: TEENAGE DREAMS at 92YTribeca