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Soon Vocal Selections

Music & Lyrics by Nick BlaemireIncludes:When The World EndsBar Mitzvah Pre-prisePeanut ButterHow Are YouSweet and Golden BrownPeanut Butter RepriseScene 6 UnderscoringBohemia ParadisoWorld Ends RepriseBelieve MeBar Mitzvah for the First Jewish FishHow Are You RepriseHasn't HappenedHow Do You KnowPeanut Butter RepriseMake Love

Peanut Butter

from SOON Key of F (B3-C#5) Video is in Eb (1 step down) Molly Hager at BEHIND THE MUSIC-AL: TEENAGE DREAMS at 92YTribeca

World End Reprise

from SOONKey of E (B3-C#5)

How Do You Know

from SOONKey of F#mNick Blaemire at BEHIND THE MUSIC-AL: TEENAGE DREAMS at 92YTribeca