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The Times

Who Wears These Clothes?

A comedy song for a Female actress. The character is looking at a magazine and, while perusing the ads for outrageous clothing worn by stick thin Amazonian models, she sings, "Who wears these clothes?!" Wonderful comedic lyrics with a mid-tempo jazzy melody. Can be done solo or as a duet. As performed by Brooks Almy and Michelle Duffy:

Watching the Show

A tour de force, show-stopping number for a solo Male performer. WATCHING THE SHOW is an eleven o'clock number in which the lead character of the musical THE TIMES erupts into song expressing frustration, jealousy, and a deep yearning for success. Compelling lyrics and a powerful melody.As performed by Jonathan Whitton: As performed by Jordan Leeds:

You Choose

A brilliant song for a solo Female performer in which the character weighs her options: Does she stay or leave? The lyrics will engage your mind and the music will grab your heart. This is a highly intelligent and beautiful song that allows a talented actress to show the depth of her ability.As performed by Michelle Duffy: