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The Boy Who Danced on Air

Winner of the San Diego Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Original Score, The Boy Who Danced On Air is a modern-day love story set in rural Afghanistan. Paiman and Feda have spent their young lives as dancers in the world of bacha bazi, where wealthy men take in boys from poor families, train them to dance at parties, and often abuse them. The two boys chance meeting changes the course of their lives and sets them on a journey to find their independence in this musical fable about love, tradition, morality and the strength of the human spirit. (Poster Design Credit: Jerry Marsini)

A Boy of My Own

From The Boy Who Danced on Air. Video is in Eb: Troy Iwata and Daniel Quadrino at 54 Below on 2/21/2016 Paiman has just stood up for Feda in front of his master and is beaten badly for it. Feda finds Paiman afterwards and the two sing about how, when they grow up, they'll treat their dancing boys differently. Poster...