Dear Musical Theatre Fandom

It has been a great experience sharing my love for musical theatre through this platform. I have enjoyed reading and learning from posts by fellow members of the musical theatre fandom. Everyone has a different perspective, but we all come together because of musical theatre. Through playlists, advice, or essays it is cool to see a wide range of topics discussed. It is great to have a community that shares and connects through these topics.

One of the best things about musical theatre is the shared experience. The audience shares an experience that is in that exact moment. It is another level when those moments are discussed or compared after the fact with fellow audience members. Now, you are able to share these moments with others online and discover other forms of musical theatre. It is amazing to see such a large musical theatre fandom online. It is like another shared audience experience, where we can revel in a new cast album or an announcement of a new Broadway show. The musical theatre fandom is also just a simple fun way to appreciate shows. Just like any another fandom, there are memes and fan art, but the root of it is the shared experience of the story.

The early release of the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hamilton was one of the best shared experiences online that I have been a part of. It seemed as though everyone was listening to the album together. Even creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was encouraging and following the Twitter tag #Hamiltunes. It was amazing to see how excited one show can make everyone – it’s another reason why Hamilton feels like the future of musical theatre. 

Also, musical theatre can inspire learning and discussion of topics beyond the musical itself. Both Hamilton’s album and the show have encouraged me to learn more about Alexander Hamilton by reading the biography that inspired the musical. The stories told throughout musical theatre can create that encouragement for fans to learn something they didn’t know before. Even more so now, shows like Hamilton, Deaf West's Spring Awakening, or Allegiance uncover history and feature great representation. Even though they may be set during a different time, the feelings connect to any time. Through these stories, we learn and discuss.

I feel like I am always discovering something new in musical theatre, whether it is through the internet, listening to new music or seeing new shows. It is a constant learning and inspirational experience and great to share with others. I am excited for the future of musical theatre, especially with platforms such as this site where you can hear from fans and writers alike. 

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