Green Room Recap: June 7, 2015

Where does Broadway stand in terms of representation, and what are musicals like Fun Home doing to change the status quo? And since representation behind the scenes matters just as much, what are some excellent musical theatre songs written by and for women? Plus, what musicals should you listen to as summer approaches fast? Bloggers explored these questions and more on The Green Room this week. Here’s what you might have missed: 

4 Musicals for Superhero Fans by Connor Relyea: If you love superhero movies or comic books, you should make sure to listen to these 4 musicals. You won’t be disappointed.

4 Emerging NMT Character Roles by Maddi Ostapiw: Musical theater has a long way to go when it comes to reflecting the world we all live in. Here’s why it’s important to demand equal representation.

We Watch Theatre to Watch Ourselves by Aileen Lambert: Fun Home marks an important shift in representation on Broadway. Here’s why that’s crucial on a personal level.

18 Musicals to Play All Summer Long by Jessica Humphrey: Whether you live steps from a beach or a baseball field, you’ll want to check out these musicals to get you in the summer mindset.

6 Great Musical Theatre Songs By and For Women by Nick Morrison: In honor of the rarely-celebrated women of musical theatre, take a listen to these excellent songs written by and for women.’s 2015 Tony Playlist by Hannah Ehrenberg: Celebrate the nominees at tonight’s Tony Awards by taking a look back at the times they’ve performed NMT songs. Then tweet along with us all night long with the hashtag #NMTonys!

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