Green Room Recap: May 10, 2015

What is the perfect wine to pair with your next trip down the NMT youtube rabbit hole? What elements of Brechtian theatre does Spring Awakening use as part of its groundbreaking adaptation? What can writers who live outside of NYC learn from the O’Neill Theater Center? Bloggers explored these questions and more on The Green Room this week. Here’s what you might have missed: 

Beyond Broadway: The Broad View by Nathan Christensen: In the final installment of Beyond Broadway, Nathan interviews Anne Morgan, the literary manager of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Connecticut.

Fifty Million Frenchies Kissing a lot of Frogs: Children’s Musical Theatre by Marion Gutierrez: French musicals like Emilie Jolie and Le Soldat Rose show the reasons why children’s musicals are flourishing in Paris. Here’s what makes them so good – and why it’s such an important genre.

Challenging “All That’s Known”: The Brechtian Elements of Spring Awakening by Aileen Lambert: Spring Awakening, a 2006 musical adaptation of a play originally written in 1906, had some work to do to make the plot feel as taboo as it did in 1906 Germany. Enter Bertolt Brecht.

What I Learned From College Theatre by Connor Relyea: It’s graduation season, and that means it’s time for graduating seniors to reflect back on what the past four years have taught them. Here’s a look at the value of college theatre from a senior who studied journalism.

5 NMT Wine Pairings You Should Try by Jessica Humphrey: Every wine has a distinct personality, taste, and mood – not unlike the writers on NMT. These are 5 wine pairings you should try the next time you’re watching NMT videos.


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