Green Room Recap: May 17, 2015

As a supporter of new musicals, what do you do if there’s a particular new musical that you just don’t think you should support? What contemporary musical theater songs should be on every graduate’s playlist as commencement weekend approaches? What cabarets should NYC locals and visitors check out this summer? Bloggers answered these questions and more on The Green Room this week. Here’s what you might have missed: 

Musical Theatre in Minneapolis: Theater Latté Da by Sara Jensen: Minneapolis is an amazing city for theater, which might surprise anyone who lives outside of the Twin Cities. Learn about the Minneapolis theater scene and go behind the scenes of Theater Latté Da, a company based there that focuses on musical theater.

New Is Different Than Good by Nick Morrison: With more and more jukebox musicals and blockbuster adaptations populating Broadway and the West End, it’s crucial to have support for original musicals. But what’s a champion of new shows to do if he doesn’t like one particular new show? What does it mean to support new writing in today’s theatrical environment?

The Ultimate MT Graduation Playlist by Tim Croner: For the Class of 2015, graduation is almost here. And what better way to feel your graduation feelings than by listening to musical theatre?

“Dear Mom, Dear Dad”: 5 Musical Theater Songs Dedicated to Parents by Samia Omari: Musical theater lets us express the things we want to tell our parents but can’t quite say out loud. Here are 5 musical theater songs dedicated to parents.

Summer 2015 NMT Cabarets by Ailsa Hoke: If you’re in NYC this summer, you’ll want to check out this list of the contemporary MT cabarets that you won’t want to miss.

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