Green Room Recap: May 24, 2015

What matters more than hitting your high note in your next audition? Why are musical theatre role models like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Ashley Tepper important in the theater community? Why should contemporary MT fans take note of rap musicals? Bloggers explored these questions and more on The Green Room this week. Here’s what you might have missed: 

Singing Doesn’t Matter by guest blogger Ben Johnson: When actors walk into musical audition rooms, everyone behind the table takes it for granted that they can sing. They want to see you communicate. Here’s how you can hone your technique.

From Pages to Stages: 5 Novels Perfect for the Musical Stage by MARC: The collaborative nature of theater makes it a great place to reimagine other works of art. Check out these 5 novels due for a musical adaptation and add your own ideas.

Fifty Million Frenchies Kissing a Lot of Frogs: Why French Rhyming Matters by Marion Gutierrez: Imagine a language where “love” rhymes with “forever,” and in which the complicated linguistic history of the letter “E” makes rhyming confusing at best. These are just some of the challenges presented to French lyricists.

Look Back / Look Ahead by Nick Morrison: Musical theater superstars Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In The Heights) and Jennifer Ashley Tepper (The Untold Stories of Broadway) are also vocal musical theater fans who love and appreciate the history of the form. Here’s why that’s important.

Why I Care About Rap Musicals by Jessica Humphrey: With Hamilton in the news, more people are talking about rap musicals, but the form isn’t new. Read about the origins of rap musicals and why the similarities between the two forms make the genre a perfect combination.

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