How to Forget the Cool Kids and Stop Holding Yourself Back

Stand up if you’ve ever felt like no one understands you, but it doesn’t seem like you’re that complicated of a person? What about those of you who have so much to say but no one seems to be listening? And finally, stand if you see the same people around your neighborhood constantly seeming to have all their stuff together?

Well yeah, duh!

Being an actor in New York City brings you back to those college days – well, also those high school days, and I guess middle school days too. The breed of the “cool kid” never ceases to exist. It also never stops affecting your work… unless you do something about it.

One lonely day, stuck in my single occupancy cruise ship cabin in the middle of the Caribbean with nothing but a low lamp on, when “downward dogs” just weren’t enough, I decided to overcome my fear of embarrassment, looking stupid, or feeling ashamed and do something that would make me heard and seen. I’d spent way too much time feeling jealous of or inadequate when compared to my fellow artists around me. The only person holding me back was myself. This idea then quickly became a project not only to shed some light on me but also to put a huge spotlight on other people whose lights should be 100 times brighter.

I’ve wanted to do a solo show for a while, so when the courage finally came, I closed my eyes and imagined how I saw this special night going. Ideas flooded into my mind and onto my notepad, one of them being that I would incorporate material and artists that had such huge talents and voices but that I personally felt deserved so much more attention than they were getting. This included the band members, the venue, the special guests, and even some of the music content.

The set list incorporates a lot of material from contemporary musical theatre composers such as Carner & Gregor, Jonathan Reid Gealt, and even composers my age like Chris Byron Pratt. These songs beautifully complement what I want to say during this show, in different ways, which is “WIN.” Don’t let anyone get in your way – not the Cool Kids, and especially not YOURSELF. Everyone has baggage and everyone is trying to achieve something big. There is no reason why you can’t do it too.

Forget the Cool Kids: A Night with Tyler McKenzie

Forget the Cool Kids: A Night with Tyler McKenzie

“Forget the Cool Kids” will be a night with Tyler McKenzie (MAMMA MIA Broadway, Int/National Tour) featuring some of the craziest and talented weirdos in the city, and so much more. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project so that we can all encourage our youth to speak out and be themselves.

Forget the Cool Kids
A Night with Tyler McKenzie
featuring other weirdos, nerds, and some crossover popular kids.
The West End Lounge: 955 West End Ave. @ 107th & Broadway
$10 Cover Charge, $15 Food/Drink Min
A portion of the proceeds of this event will benefit the Trevor Project.

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