If You Liked…: MT Song Suggestions Based on TV and Movies

After watching plenty of Netflix, I’ve found the “Because You Watched” helpful in discovering new shows or movies. I thought I would follow a similar format for discovering new musical theatre songs. Based on a few recently watched favorite series or movies, I’ve found some related musical theatre songs that would pair perfectly with them. If you liked any of the series or movies listed, enjoy these songs. (If you have not seen any of the series or movies listed, I highly recommend them, too!)

If You Liked… Scrotal Recall

Yes, I know it’s a terrible name, but don’t let that deter you. This British romantic comedy is way better than I expected. I remember seeing this on my Netflix suggestions and laughed after reading the description. The series follows Dylan and his best friends, Evie and Luke, after he finds out he has an STD and has to notify his former partners. However, the main issue we discover is that Evie may want to be more than friends and Dylan may not realize it until it’s too late. I enjoyed the humor and storytelling format, but most of all I enjoyed watching the friendship between these three friends.

“I Push Up My Glasses” by Claire Tran and Nikko Benson (Performed by Barrett Wilbert Weed)

I like this subtle and sweet song about wanting someone who doesn’t see you.

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Pinch Me” by Drew Gasparini (Performed by F. Michael Haynie and Emma Hunton)

This funny and charming performance by Haynie and Hunton depicts best friends after an unexpected situation.

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“Good Friends” by Joey Contreras (Performed by Phoebe Strole)

This is a great song about wanting to stay “good friends” and then realizing it may be too late when you change your mind.

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If You Liked… You’re the Worst

This isn’t a typical romantic comedy. It is about two people who have a habit of avoiding being in a relationship. Gretchen and Jimmy are toxic and self-involved, yet they find themselves attempting a relationship. It is smart, funny and you find yourself rooting for them as a couple even though they are… well… the worst.

Make Me Happy” by Ryan Scott Oliver (Performed by Jay Armstrong Johnson and Lindsay Mendez)

This song captures a relationship between two complicated people. It’s so catchy and the voices are amazing.

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“I Think About You All The Time” by Nikko Benson (Performed by Ally Bonino and Nikko Benson)

This song describes a couple falling for each other without meaning to or maybe not even wanting to.

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If You Liked… Jane the Virgin

Jane’s life turns upside down when she becomes accidentally artificially inseminated in this mock telenovela comedy. This is another show where the description may leave you unsure how to feel about it, but it was one of the best shows I’ve seen this past year. The characters and acting, both funny and touching, are well done with great twists and turns in true telenovela fashion.

“Hummingbird Heart” by Julia Meinwald and Gordon Leary (Performed by Ellen Condon, Ally Bonino, Amy Linden, and Krystina Alabado)

A beautiful song about feeling the heartbeat while pregnant.

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“Here” by Julia Meinwald and Greg Edwards (Performed by Ally Bonino and Krystina Alabado)

Another beautiful song that I feel expresses the love Jane feels for her newborn and her family.

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No Turning Back Now” by Drew Gasparini (Performed by F. Michael Haynie)

A song from the perspective of a young guy finding out he is going to be a father. The situation may be complicated, but he realizes what his responsibilities are now.

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If You Liked… In A World…

This is one of my new favorite movies. It follows Carol, a vocal coach who is attempting to break into voiceover work but is overshadowed by her dad and his famous voice. Written by, directed by, and starring Lake Bell, the comedy explores finding confidence, family drama, and the voiceover industry.

“When I Sing In My Car” by Liz Suggs and Joey Contreras (Performed by Rebecca Naomi Jones)

A song about finding your voice and confidence. I also think it captures Carol’s personality.

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“Girl, You’re Freaking Out” by F. Michael Haynie (Performed by Ben Fankhauser and Ephie Aardema)

This is such a great song and I can’t get it out of my head. It reminds me of the cute moments between Carol and her love interest, Louis.

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What’s in your Netflix queue – and what MT songs would pair well with it?

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