Join NMT’s Blogging Team This Winter

(Pete O'Shea / CC2.0)

(Photo: Pete O’Shea / CC2.0)

Do you have a lot of feelings about contemporary musical theater? Do you like to share those feelings with other people, maybe in writing? That’s great to hear, because the NMT Green Room is looking for new bloggers! 

We want to give you a platform to share your ideas and your writing. If you have something to say about musical theater today, there’s probably a place for it here. (Seriously, just check out the #greenroomarchive.) You don’t need any particular theatrical or blogging experience. All you need is a point of view about theater today.

The ideal blogger has strong written communication skills and can commit to biweekly deadlines – from early December through the end of March (a total of 8 posts). You can be located anywhere in the world as long as you’re comfortable blogging in English. The position is unpaid.

To apply, please answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to blog for the NMT Green Room?
  2. Link to a blog post from the NMT Green Room that you loved and, in a few sentences, tell us why you loved it and what you thought made it a successful post.
  3. List at least 3 ideas for musical theatre Top 10 lists, including at least 1 list of song suggestions, that you might want to write for the blog.
  4. What other topics would you want to explore on the blog? You can answer this with pitches for additional posts, a pitch for a recurring series, or a few sentences about your theatrical interests/experience and how they apply to blogging.
  5. Link to a sample of your writing published anywhere on the internet, professionally or on your personal blog / tumblr. If you don’t have that, send us a writing sample about anything related to theater.

Send your resume and your answers to clientservices [at] by Friday, November 21.

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