Meet the Bloggers: Alec Fisher

This fall, The Green Room is thrilled to welcome a fantastic group of new bloggers to our team. For the rest of the week, you can get to know them through our Meet the Bloggers series.

Name: Alec Fisher

What do you do outside of blogging? I work for a college athletic conference. I am also currently writing and editing my first novel.

Favorite musical: Company is my favorite musical, hands down. In Company, Sondheim quite brilliantly captures the anxieties about love and marriage that I think exist in all of us: wanting, paradoxically, to love and be loved while also fearing love’s decay, its whims, its monotony. The music is hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics are are both poignant and familiar. It’s impossible not to feel Bobby’s vulnerabilities, his honesty, his yearning. Ultimately, Company makes me feel grateful for being alive.

What are you interested in blogging about this fall? I’m interested in the solo albums of current Broadway stars, particularly their role in showcasing songs by musical theatre composers and lyricists that are not parts of a larger musical or song cycle. I am also interested exploring new and creative ways to bring musical theatre selections to the general public apart from the traditional cast album release.

What are your non-theater interests? I love to go to book readings and supporting local bookstores. I have a fascination with outrageously bad cult movies. I’m an avid home cook who is always exploring new vegetarian recipes. I am also a life-long Orlando Magic fan.

Favorite NMT song: I absolutely adore Ryan Scott Oliver’s “Out of My Mind.” “Out of My Mind” is a slow burn of a song; it starts as a tiny spark, but by the end, it lights you ablaze. The song itself is marked by tremendous restraint—in the music as well as the lyrics—which makes it both sultry and deeply disturbing. Everything we need to know about the character in that moment is conveyed not just by what is said, but by what isn’t said—by what’s bubbling just underneath the surface. It is a perfect example of how pacing can add emphasis and drama to a song, and I love every second of it. There have been amazing performances of “Out of My Mind” over the years, but I am partial to Megan Hilty’s version. In her performance, you can both see and hear a woman slowly unraveling at the seams.

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