The Green Room is thrilled to have a wonderful group of bloggers join us this winter. For the rest of the week, you can get to know them through our Meet the Bloggers series.

Name: Edlyn Griffin

What do you do outside of blogging? I am currently chasing that everlasting dream of acting, while also chasing the everyday dream of great friends and delicious food in the big city. I sing, I binge-watch Broad City and Netflix, I brunch with opera divas, I get lost while holding a map, and I fall in and out of love with donuts on a weekly basis.

Favorite musical: It changes at least every week, but at the moment the one that tugs at my heart strings the most is Sweet Charity. The lust for life that Charity Hope Valentine continues to have, even when the world likes to sprinkle dust in her eyes when she’s head first in a puddle, reminds me that there is hope to be had. All I have to do is keep moving forward with a smile as big as the sun. Eventually, things will be on the up and up long enough to lead to a great adventure.

What are you interested in blogging about this winter? I am excited to explore the reason behind why certain musicals catch our eyes. I want to observe the spark that not only grabs our attention, but makes us long for a reprise or absorb those chords over and over. I’m also interested to know if what I beg to hear more of aligns with what other people are interested in.

What are your non-theater interests? My non-theater interests include reading fiction (the works of James Baldwin, Barbara Kingsolver, and Junot Diaz are some of my favorites), studying history, meandering around the city, spending way too much money at Trader Joe’s, striking conversations with strangers, and dancing the night away with friends.

Favorite contemporary MT song: “Rising Up,” from See What I Wanna See by Michael John LaChiusa. The mix of voices leading to an epic crescendo and reconciliation of emotions for the main character move me every time. It’s such a powerful moment in musical theater.

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