Meet the Bloggers: Kate Thomas

Winter is coming, and with it comes a new team of bloggers for The Green Room! We're so excited to welcome them to the blog and to introduce them to you all this week. Get to know two new bloggers today, and click here to read previous installments of the Meet the Bloggers series, too.

Name: Kate Thomas

What do you do outside of blogging? I'm actually a musical theatre writer myself (book and lyrics)! In addition to musicals, I love writing plays, screenplays, novels, essays, sketches, pretty much anything. I also enjoy acting once in a blue moon, and I'm a certified makeup artist. 

Favorite musical: I think I'd have to say Next to Normal. I'm a huge fan of pieces that aren't afraid to ask the tough questions and that challenge traditional musical theatre subject matter. I also love any musical theatre book where the characters are rooted in heavy naturalism and talk like real people. I saw the original cast on Broadway, and essentially, at the end of the opening number when Diana began placing the slices of bread on the kitchen floor – it killed me. I love those uncomfortably, beautifully human surprises in theatre, and Next to Normal is full of them. 

What are you interested in blogging about this winter? My experiences as a new musical theatre writer, my background in cabaret, my love of rewrites, workshopping with students, and developing a "side hustle" while working towards a big break. 

What are your non-theater interests? Definitely makeup artistry and skincare. I love working on photo shoots and helping clients feel like rockstars. It's a fun, gratifying gig that helps supplement writing and it still keeps me in touch with the theatre community (hello, headshots)! I'm also deeply interested in my dogs. So there's that too. 

Favorite contemporary MT songJoey Contreras and I have a musical together, and I would be the worst collaborator in the world if I didn't list one of his songs! I have a number of favorites, but for right now, I'll go with one of his newer singles, "Ohio." Fresh, endearing, and all the things.

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