The Green Room is thrilled to have a wonderful group of bloggers join us this winter. For the rest of the week, you can get to know them through our Meet the Bloggers series.

Name: Kevin Jaeger

What do you do outside of blogging? When I’m not writing ABOUT New Musical Theatre, I’m trying my hand at writing New Musical Theatre as part of the writing team of Jaeger and Mitchell…or else helping tourists experience the best and the brightest parts of New York City as a hotel concierge.

Favorite musical: Into the Woods is my favorite musical because I think it is one of the richest, most perfectly developed stories of all time. Into the Woods takes archetypal characters that resonate with the audience and adds layers of humanity and morality that cause us to question what we know, what we understand, and what we long for…all while learning something about ourselves. Oh, and the score is brilliant…so basically, it wins.

What are you interested in blogging about this winter? I’m excited about exploring the place of Musical Theatre as an art form in our constantly evolving society and commenting on the new material that expands and challenges the genre.

What are your non-theater interests? Reading, Movies, my Netflix queue, Ancient Mythology, Florida State Football, Marvel Comics, and useless trivia knowledge.

Favorite contemporary MT song: “Telephone Wire” from Fun Home. This show was one of the most emotionally moving pieces I have ever experienced and during this song, the entire audience felt transported into the emotionally-charged memory of Allison’s final moments with her Father.

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