Meet the Bloggers: Mary-Margaret Annab

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NameMary-Margaret Annab

What do you do outside of blogging? When I’m not writing posts for my own personal blog or for Prose., chances are you’ll find me spending time with friends and family, reading, or engaged in music making of some kind (I play cello and piano and I sing, so there’s always something musical happening in my house!). At any given time, I am also involved in something theatre related (as a theatre major it comes with the territory!) – right now, I’m preparing for an intensive in New York City, but I also stage manage and do other backstage work!

Favorite musical: I’m a huge fan of The Sound of Music for a few reasons. I grew up watching the VHS tape (remember when we had those?) so there’s definitely a sense of childhood comfort there. It’s also the first professional show I remember seeing live onstage, which is a fond memory indeed! Plus, it’s Rodgers and Hammerstein (and when you’re watching the film, Dame Julie Andrews) – what’s not to love?

What are you interested in blogging about this summer? Women and representation in theatre are two topics that are important to me, so I’m hoping to write a few posts on them. I’m also planning on creating some fun playlists and “Top Ten” lists to help everyone bring more theatre into their lives!

What are your non-theater interests? Outside of theatre, I love sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea. I also spend a terrible amount of time on Netflix trying to watch all of the brilliant shows that people keep recommending! I’ve also recently become a fitness fan – I love going for evening runs, doing yoga outside, and trying different dance classes to get my heart pumping!

Favorite contemporary MT song: My favourite NMT song is also the first piece I bought from Lindsay Mendez recommended that I listen to “The View From Here” as a possible song choice, and I fell in love with it! The first performance I watched of the song was Krysta Rodriguez and it’s still my favourite performance to date! Her voice is just stunning. She’s incredible to listen to, and you should all absolutely watch her performance of it:

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