Meet the Bloggers: Mitchell Turner

Winter is coming, and with it comes a new team of bloggers for The Green Room! We're so excited to welcome them to the blog and to introduce them to you all this week. Get to know two new bloggers today, and click here to read previous installments of the Meet the Bloggers series, too.

Name: Mitchell Turner

What do you do outside of blogging? Outside of blogging, I am a student days away (double digits!) from graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from California State University, Fullerton. I also am pursuing a career in musical theatre, and have a fantastic, steady retail job. Other than that, my down time is spent watching Real Housewives or with friends at Disneyland. 

Favorite musical: If I had to choose only one favorite musical, it would probably be Evita. Having seen the show multiple times as well as performed in the show, it is thrilling. The score is much more complexed than the average Andrew Lloyd Webber show and Eva Peron is one of the strongest roles in American musical theatre. (Choosing just one musical is so difficult!)

What are you interested in blogging about this winter? I hope to bring you guys on my journey as I graduate college and officially enter the "real world" as a young musical theatre performer. In addition to talking about favorite composers and shows, I want to walk you through what it's like to be someone starting a professional career in musical theatre. Whether it's marketing myself, auditions (and hopefully booking shows!), or focusing on my lifestyle, I can't wait to document the start of my post-undergraduate life!

What are your non-theater interests? I live near Disneyland, so I love getting to be able to go as often as possible. I love exploring the my surroundings, DIY crafts, Bath and Body Works candles, food, and reality television. I still find time in my schedule to watch Scandal and Project Runway each week. I also have a YouTube channel with one of my best friends and we release a new video every Friday!

Favorite contemporary MT song"Monticello" from Edges by Pasek and Paul. It's served me very well on many an audition!

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