Meet the Bloggers: Sam Weber

Winter is coming, and with it comes a new team of bloggers for The Green Room! We're so excited to welcome them to the blog and to introduce them to you all this week. Get to know two new bloggers today, and click here to read previous installments of the Meet the Bloggers series, too.

Name: Sam Weber

What do you do outside of blogging? I am a student at Southern Methodist University, studying Biology and Public Health – and of course Musical Theatre! I spend a lot of the little time I have outside of school planning events like festivals and concerts with SMU's Program Council, as well as producing and choreographing SMU's new student produced 24-Hour Musicals. We literally do shows in under 24 Hours. The first was Spring Awakening this past spring, and it turned out better than most shows I've worked 6 weeks on – one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. I also spend a LOT of time on youtube clicking through musical and dance videos, especially when I should be studying.

Favorite musical: Right now, just like everyone else, I can't stop listening to Hamilton. This question actually kills me, so here's the best response I can give. In terms of a show that I think just gets life, Into the Woods will always have a special place in my heart as the first show I ever saw live and the first show I ever got to fully design and help produce in High School. I love the thoughtful composition and if you have an affinity for psychoanalysis a la Jung (as I do), the references to Bettleheim's "The Uses of Enchantment" make you re-think the concept of childhood as a whole – especially the stunning Regents Park Open Air Theatre production that began this "modern" design concept 5 years ago. In terms of artistic merit, I can't help but love Sunday In The Park With George (can you tell I'm a sucker for Sondheim?). If we just mean what do I enjoy watching the most – always A Chorus Line. It just gets people and passion and struggle and sorrow. One of the only perfect shows out there in my opinion.

What are you interested in blogging about this winter? I like to think about Musical Theatre from a dramaturgical perspective even though I am primarily a performer. With that, I look forward to writing about why shows and songs are important and relevant, as well as their impact on the theatre community at large and thus their reflections on society.

What are your non-theater interests? I am Pre-Med, so I'm definitely interested in medicine and biology, as well as Public Health. I'm also really into Latin and ancient language – I like to think that I'm connected to old poems and songs when I read them, literally thousands of years after they were performed and written.

Favorite contemporary MT song: While I'm a sucker for Audra McDonald performing "I'll Be Here" (who isn't?!), the one song I could listen to forever and love to sing the most is Carner and Gregor's "After Hours." Mykal Kilgore's version is killer, but I'm super in love with the ending riffs done by Brian Crum and Hannah Zazzaro.

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