Meet the Bloggers: Tara Tagliaferro

The Green Room is so excited to introduce you to the newest bloggers who are joining us this summer! For the rest of the week, you can get to know them through the latest installments of Meet the Bloggers series.

Name: Tara Tagliaferro

What do you do outside of blogging? I am a professional actor and a crafter of cabarets as well as a theatrical teaching artist and a life & performance coach – it’s a mouthful, but it’s pretty magical! My blooming coaching business, Tara Tag the Coach, provides dreamInsurance 1:1 packages for anyone itching to invest in a creative makeover and soul rejuvenation with special offers for artists. As a Jersey native and NY newbie, I’m an eager explorer of the 5 boroughs, scouting out the best brunches, parks, festivals, bookshops, and bike paths.

On stage, I was recently seen as a #nunontherun with the SISTER ACT National/International Tour and as Cindy Lou Who’s proud mama in past holiday seasons with the GRINCH Tour as well as popping up in productions on the regional theatre/summer stock scene with former roots in Philly. I’m also a frequent performer with Manhattan’s The Ziegfeld Society, where I get to rock feather boas and old Vaudeville anthems!

I’m a sucker for musical comedies with unconventional and nerdy characters and for intimate cabaret venues with chandeliers and wine, and I feel there is always a reason to burst out into a tap break.

Favorite musical: I’m a golden age gal and have a soft spot in my heart for old gems like BELLS ARE RINGING and H2$, but always at the end of the day CABARET takes the cake. I can see this show at a high school or on Broadway and no matter what the caliber, it’s riveting and sends chill up my spine. My first college production was CABARET and that was the first time I got a taste of how far you can go within a rehearsal process. I’ll never forget it!

What are you interested in blogging about this summer? Because I have a deep affinity for spreading the healing and empowering nature of the arts, storytelling skills, and developing artists’ soul disciplines in equal importance to craft, my upcoming blogs will strike chords with how to cultivate and nurture your own creative process that jives with you while working in the business. I feel like there are a lot of “should bes” out there, but those just scratch the surface, try to create a formula for a career that doesn’t have one, and do not inspire inner revolutions. I feel there is a call for a new paradigm of artistry and community that I would love to shed light on!

In addition, I am interested in spotlighting regional theatre communities, national tour gypsy lifestyle, interviewing upcoming composers and exposing their “why,” the process of crafting cabarets, when to become AEA, assembling a coach and mentor team, how to find a healthy heartbeat as a NY newbie, and how to feed your artistry on a daily basis with or without a show. I’m also a big old soul, especially with Golden Age Musical Comedy, so I’d love to bring that revivalist spirit to a #TBT style feature, highlighting America’s musical theatre classics.

What are your non-theater interests? I dig the mindfulness movement and rise of positive psychology, writing guiding meditations or day dreams in my journal, coloring books and doodling, strumming the ukulele (beginner!), and listening to my hips crack in yoga. I’m a huge Marvel superheroes fan, reader of children’s books, and feel ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is my Harry Potter. I also freak out for doo-wop music, thrift shopping, bike riding, morning juices or smoothies, sweet potato fries, and Tony Soprano.

Favorite contemporary MT song: I was addicted back in college to University of Michigan’s Cortney Wolfson and her interpretation of “I Could Go Back,” a cut song from THE BURNT PART BOYS by Miller and Tysen. Girl is currently killing it in KINKY BOOTS on the BWAY!

Watch this video on YouTube.

And as of late, NATASHA, PIERRE, AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 by loved New MT composer David Malloy is all I rave about, catching it twice last year off Broadway. Crossing my fingers this masterpiece storms Broadway! I love “No One Else” as sung by original cast member Phillipa Soo.

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