#MusicalTube: The Top 7 Broadway.com Backstage Vlogs

The internet provides us with a connection like no other to all things musical theatre. Especially in recent years, videos have become a popular method of documenting what life is really like in the theatre world… including all the shenanigans that come with it! In the spirit of that, check out my favourite Broadway.com backstage vlogs below.

1. S’Wonderful with Max Von Essen, An American In Paris

Okay, I’m a little biased with this one since An American in Paris is one of my all-time favourite musicals. But Max Von Essen is just as dynamic behind-the-scenes as he is onstage, and his charm and genuine love for his fans shines through in each episode. The cameos by castmates are always entertaining as well – Supporting Characters’ Meeting, anyone? Click here to watch the playlist.

2. Going Bridal with Sierra Boggess, It Shoulda Been You

Sierra is one of the queens of Broadway.com vlogging – she was so great in her first vlog, Daae Days, that Broadway.com asked her back when she started her new show, It Shoulda Been You. This vlog offers some of Sierra’s trademark optimism and love of life, and it is especially cool because it documents the whole journey – from first preview to preparing to close the show. Click here to watch the playlist.

3. The Princess Diary with Laura Osnes, Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Laura Osnes is one of the sweetest people on Broadway right now – I am honestly convinced she’s a real life princess, and if you aren’t sure, one episode of her vlog will convince you! She takes us behind-the-scenes of the truly magical show that is R+H’s Cinderella and allows us into fittings, warm-ups, and what day jobs look like for people in the business. Getting a glimpse into opening night was especially magical! Click here to watch the playlist.

4. Fly Girl with Lindsay Mendez, Wicked and Think Pink with Kara Lindsay, Wicked

I’ve put both of these vlogs in one count not just because they’re from the same show, but also because they tell the backstage story of both leading ladies – Elphaba and Glinda, respectively. Lindsay takes us up the fly rig to see how Elphaba really soars, and Kara takes us into her Galinda bubble to show what life is like from the other side. Both vlogs offer amazing, albeit different, views into how one of the biggest musical blockbusters is put onstage. Click here to watch Lindsay's playlist, and click here to watch Kara's playlist.

5. Never Grow Up with Laura Michelle Kelly, Finding Neverland

Laura Michelle Kelly is just abounding with sweetness and adoration for her job, which is lovely to see in her backstage vlog about working on Finding Neverland! The cameos from the children, as well as getting to see what press tour is like, make this vlog a worthwhile watch. Click here to watch the playlist.

6. Vlogger 24601 with Ramin Karimloo, Les Miserables

This vlog offers Ramin singing – and lots of it. Really, that’s a good enough reason to watch. But aside from that, what I particularly love about this vlog is that Ramin spends some time talking about his fitness regime and what it really takes to stay healthy on Broadway, especially when playing a role as demanding as Jean Valjean. All in all, a great peek into life at the Imperial Theatre! Click here to watch the playlist.

7. Vlog of Purple Summer with Andy Mientus, Spring Awakening

Deaf West’s production of Spring Awakening is one of the most impactful shows of 2015 – I would even say of our generation. It certainly has an important place in theatre history, and the fact that Andy Mientus makes us all a part of the show through his vlog makes it one of my all-time favourites. Click here to watch the playlist.

Video, as a medium, is something that is rapidly changing the world of musical theatre, and theatre in general. The opportunity to be see what it takes to be a part of game-changing musicals like Spring Awakening, large blockbusters like Wicked, new shows like It Shoulda Been You and classics like Les Miserables not only enhance the theatre-going experience but also remind us that theatre is an art form larger than ourselves. One of the most important parts of theatre is that it is impactful, no matter the story you’re telling, and video blogs offer a way to make that impact felt all over the world. They connect theatre lovers everywhere and remind all of us dreamers that although the road to professional theatre is hard, it is not impossible. I can’t wait to see what new videos will come out of the upcoming theatre season!

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