New Beginnings: 5 Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs to Inspire Change in Your Life

After weeks of sunshine, the end of summer is near. This is the point in the year where schools start up again and students depart for college. Pumpkin flavors begin to fill up menus and sweaters start to show up in people’s wardrobes. For some, the shifting of the seasons also symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. This could mean perhaps a new job or hobby. It could even mean a personal goal in your personal life. One thing is certain: all of these things mean change.

Fresh starts have been a popular theme in musical theatre for generations. Change is something that every single person on this planet goes through, which is why it is so relatable in any show. So, in honor of moving on and new beginnings, here are five contemporary musical theatre songs that all revolve around the theme of change. Perhaps they could inspire you to make some change in your life.

1. “Freedom from The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown (Kerrigan-Lowdermilk)

Sometimes we all need a little push in our lives and occasionally that push leads to a new adventure. This magical duet from Kerrigan-Lowdermilk, sung by Sarah Hyland and Melissa Benoist, illustrates the importance of embarking on adventures and embracing where the unexpected takes you.

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2. “Watch Me Soar” (Scott Alan)

“Watch Me Soar” is a tribute to growing up. Eventually, all of us grow out of who we used to be. Scott Alan beautifully encapsulates that journey through song. However terrifying it can be, eventually all of us need to “leave the nest.”

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 3. “Changing My Major” from Fun Home (Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Kron)

If there ever was a new musical that fully embodied transformation, it would be Fun Home. The whole show is essentially a tribute to change. While the entire cast album could be featured on this playlist, I decided to include a personal favorite.

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 4. “Hello to the New Me (Drew Gasparini)

This song is one of the most “feel good” new musical tunes that I have ever heard. “Hello to the New Me” is all about personal new beginnings and letting go of all the bad in your life. To quote one of lyrics: “One, two, three, I’m amazing. Suddenly I’ll be changing.” I think that is something all of us can be reminded to tell ourselves.

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5. “Don’t Wanna Be Here” from Ordinary Days (Adam Gwon)

This one is for all the people who feel stuck in a singular place in life. Adam Gwon’s witty composing encapsulates exactly what it means to break away from a place you feel tied down or stuck to.

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What are your favorite contemporary MT songs about change?

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