NMT COUNTDOWN: Top 10 Songs for Baritenors

It’s back to school season and The Green Room is looking out for you. All this month, the NMT Countdown series is bringing you a guide to the best-selling songs on NMT from the last year. Are you planning a cabaret and looking for the perfect stand-alone song? Are you a soprano looking for audition material that shows off your classical skills? The NMT Countdowns will guide you to some of the best songs NMT has to offer. PLUS: for today only, get 20% off the songs on this list with the code NMTCOUNTDOWN. Happy singing!

In musical theatre, there exists a unique vocal type called the Baritenor. Baritenors are male singers who possess a range that sits somewhere between that of a Tenor and a Baritone. They may share characteristics with both other vocal types, but they don’t fit strictly into either category, which sometimes may prevent them from finding songs to perform. As a Baritenor myself, I have often found my range to be a limiting factor when choosing songs, and quite often there also don’t seem to be that many choices for Baritenors. It seems that composers keep writing music that’s higher and higher by the passing year, and I, for one, just can’t keep up. So what is someone who can’t screlt into the stratosphere to do?!

Never fear, Baritenors! NewMusicalTheatre.com has plenty of great options for Baritenors. To get you started, here are the top 10 bestselling songs for Baritenors from the past year. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any further suggestions in the comment section down below!

1. The Last Loser In The Universe (Drew Gasparini)

This song perfectly embodies the feeling of knowing you have something big to offer the world, even if nobody else sees it. The soaring melody gives you a glimpse of what’s really inside of this “loser.” It’s a perfect song for anyone who’s ever felt isolated or different because they may not fit into society’s “norm.”

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2. Sort-Of Fairy Tale (Adam Gwon)

Ever been on an awkward first date where you couldn’t wait to leave? This song hilariously portrays just such an interaction between two vastly different characters: a hopelessly romantic nerd and a high-strung grad student. It’ll have you laughing and feeling awkward at the same time.

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3. Two Strangers (Kerrigan-Lowdermilk)

You had a special night with someone. And now you can’t get them out of your head, but they won’t give you the time of day. Did it really mean something? Or are you just imagining something that never was? This song perfectly sums up dating in New York and how lonely it can sometimes make you feel.

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4. Goodbye (Salzman & Cunningham)

This song from I Love You Because simultaneously captures the excitement and terror that accompany making a huge life decision — in this case, starting a serious relationship. Throughout the song, Austin goes back and forth as his thoughts race, forcing him to consider all the options. But in the end, love wins out.

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5. Some Kinda Time (Pasek & Paul)

Everybody knows the exciting feeling of getting ready to go out on the town with your friends. The driving beat of this song manages to capture that excitement, made even more urgent by the fact that the characters are all marines on leave, looking to have some fun during their time off.

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6. Beautiful (Adam Gwon)

In New York, it’s so easy to get caught up in our “to-do” lists and busy schedules that we forget to see the little wonders that surround us. This simple and beautiful song reminds us to find beauty in the smallest of “ordinary days.” And what a refreshing reminder it is.

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7. Cut You a Piece (Ryan Scott Oliver)

A story song about the tragic end to a relationship develops into the narrator confessing his own personal fears about love and loss. This haunting song is beautiful and touching without being too sentimental.

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8. Way Ahead Of My Time (Peter Mills)

Meet the subject of this brilliant comedy song: a flamboyant caveman who likes to tap dance. While giving a loving tip of the hat to classic Broadway showtunes, this song will keep you laughing at its clever lyrics and dancing along to its infectiously catchy tune.

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9. And I Breathe (Salzman & Cunningham)

Ever tried to quit a bad habit? It’s NEVER as easy as it sounds. Listen to this song to experience all the neuroses, racing thoughts, and struggles to stay strong that come along with the journey to quit a bad habit (in this case—smoking). And just be glad it isn’t you.

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10. Vegas (Kerrigan-Lowdermilk)

This song is the contemporary musical theatre equivalent to the buddy comedy. Just two bros singing about their wild trip to Las Vegas. It’s catchy, hilarious, and just plain fun. Watch and enjoy.

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