On My Own: 9 Reasons to Attend the Theatre Alone

Are you sick of those looks of pity that are cast in your general direction when friends find out you have purchased a single ticket to the theatre? Are you unsure how to respond when they tell you that going to a show alone is “pathetic”? Next time this happens to you, hit your friends with the following list of why attending the theatre alone can oftentimes be better than going with their overly judgemental selves.

Going to the theatre alone means that you…

1. …Can make up own your own mind regarding the overall execution of the play or musical you are seeing

Sometimes, attending a show with a friend can be problematic in that they have a completely different opinion to you on certain aspects of the show. The score that you loved and will be singing for years? Your friend thought it was totally derivative, and they are certain they could have done a better job.

2. …Don’t have to worry about other people’s reactions

Have you ever taken a friend to see your absolute favourite musical, and rather than watching the stage you anxiously try and gauge their reaction to the onstage action through peripheral vision? If you go by yourself and leave your friend in ignorance as to how fantastic your favourite show is, you can maintain your bubble and will never be disappointed!

3. …Can’t be embarrassed by anyone, apart from yourself

Oh no. Oh no. Your friend just tried to clap with a drink in their hand and spilled their daiquiri all over the person sitting next to them. Time to awkwardly try to offer the random and rather wet lady tissues from your handbag without disturbing the rest of the audience.

4. …Don’t have to wait for your friend to move for the interval pee run

You’re a pro at this. Elphaba’s in the air, your heart is going to explode because you’re so proud of your green girl, the last few notes of “Defying Gravity” play and you’re applauding madly, and then BAM! Lights are out, house lights are going up, and you’re already halfway to the toilets. No waiting in line for you, unless your friend ignored your instructions regarding the pee run and you’re still stuck in your seat attending to their incompetence.

5. …Have time to check your phone during interval after you’ve avoided the loo line

Another thing you have time to do when your pee run is down to a fine art? You have time to check your phone during interval! Just go ahead and ignore that message from your boss. Updating your location and checking in at the theatre are much more important.

6. …Don’t have to worry about awkward tummy rumbles in silent parts of the show

You didn’t have time to eat before Les Mis and now Fantine is dying and your stomach is going crazy? No problem! The person in the seat next to you will never see your face again; merciless teasing has been avoided.

7. …Don’t have to worry about hiding your smile when a super corny thing happens on stage

Here it is, that one little piece of romantic dialogue that makes no sense and was already outdated in respect to women’s representation in the mid-50s… But you don’t care. You love it anyway, and no friend is going to take that pleasure away from you because you chose to go to the show all by your lonesome! Score!

8. …Can buy ALL of the tacky souvenirs from the stands without your friend pointing out that you’re broke and you don’t need another coffee mug

No, you don’t NEED another coffee mug, but you WANT it… Isn’t that a good enough reason to buy it? Also, that key ring looks pretty cool, even though you don’t use key rings. Oh! And that necklace – you’ll never wear it but maybe you should get it anyway? And you definitely can’t leave without that plush toy – you’ll get so much enjoyment out of that!

9. …Don’t have to feel guilty if you give a standing ovation

That awkward moment where you stand up and clap at the end of the show and your friend doesn’t? No matter how much you want to show your appreciation for a job well done, the fact that your friend is still sitting will always cast the seeds of doubt in your mind. Forget about your crappy friend – the people on stage and behind the scenes deserve an audible indication of how awesomely they are doing. Go wild!

In closing, companionship does not a good show make. Ditch your friends and go it alone once in a while. It’s amazing how different your theatregoing experience will be!

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