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#NMTVotW: Singing a Ballad

A ballad is a unique opportunity within musical theatre to really, truly connect to your audience, in a way that comedic songs are a unique opportunity to make your audience laugh and feel good. Both are important. And you usually need both in order to audition for any musical theatre program. This week, however, we’re […]

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#NMTVotW: The Delicacy of Acting

I know we’ve talked about acting before, either via #NMTvotw or other posts on the Green Room. But I think it’s something that outside of the Green Room gets passed up a lot (we won’t even go into how infrequently dancing is talked about). In general, singing and acting should never be separate things. A […]

The post #NMTVotW: The Delicacy of Acting appeared first on The Green Room.