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London’s West End was once the home of new British musicals, and thanks to business driven individuals such as Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh these iconic shows were exported around the world at an alarming rate. The 1980s saw a boom for original musicals in the West End, and as society was enjoying the […]

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You’re Gonna Be Populist

It is ten years ago. You are reading The New York Times and you come across this sentence about the latest musical to open on Broadway: the show “does not, alas, speak hopefully for the future of the Broadway musical.” And if somehow that piece – along with the production’s other scathing reviews – is […]

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Making It Work

I’ve been a devotee of “Project Runway” since day one; Austin Scarlett made a ball gown out of day-old corn husks and I was on board. Let’s be honest, it’s great TV – it’s got drama, snappy catchphrases, and more surprise twists than a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. But you know what else? Watching “Project Runway” has […]

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