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Hello theater geeks, performers, fellow writers, and parents of the theater geeks, performers, and writers who are reading these blogs as to further understand why their child is “the way they are.” Today I wanted to tackle a subject that comes as an occupational hazard… writer’s block. This blog may seem to be catered to strictly composers and writers, […]

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Don’t get me wrong, I love me a love song. But after one too many vocal coachings, concert plannings, and/or friends in need of new book options that ended up with an endless parade of one sad long break-up song after another, I decided to make an active effort to seek out some more varied […]

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Making It Work

I’ve been a devotee of “Project Runway” since day one; Austin Scarlett made a ball gown out of day-old corn husks and I was on board. Let’s be honest, it’s great TV – it’s got drama, snappy catchphrases, and more surprise twists than a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. But you know what else? Watching “Project Runway” has […]

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