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If we are being honest, we didn't expect to receive any responses at all to our blog post calling for stories. After all, we were asking strangers to share intimate details of their struggles with mental illness—specifically anxiety and depression—in a world that still holds a firm grip on stigma towards those who suffer. We had no idea, really, what we were going to do with these stories. 

We are not doctors. We are not psychiatrists. We are musical theatre writers.

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And We Keep Holding On: The Songs That Save Us

And We Keep Holding On: The Songs That Save Us

I first discovered Kait and Brian's music the summer after I graduated from high school. This story may be mostly apocryphal, as I don't trust my memory from back then, but I have a vague recollection of cramming into my best friend's car, getting on Interstate 405 after a night at the beach, when "Freedom" (from what was known at the time as The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown and is now The Mad Ones) blasted through her speakers.

Remember how crazy Amanda Bynes was on Twitter? We had a good laugh, right? …And then she went to treatment for mental illness. From the Salem Witch Trials to Twitter, our society has a difficult time remembering that mentally ill women are still human beings. This unfortunate fact of life makes me feel so thankful […]

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