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#NMTVotW: Tell Me a Story

Musical theatre is unique in that it’s all about a story, and telling that story in a way that only music can provide. However, some musical theatre songs are more story-based than others, requiring a delicate act of talk-singing in order to become that storyteller in a way that really clicks with the audience. A […]

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#NMTVotW: The Delicacy of Acting

I know we’ve talked about acting before, either via #NMTvotw or other posts on the Green Room. But I think it’s something that outside of the Green Room gets passed up a lot (we won’t even go into how infrequently dancing is talked about). In general, singing and acting should never be separate things. A […]

The post #NMTVotW: The Delicacy of Acting appeared first on The Green Room.