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“God, I hate Shakespeare! That’s right, I said it!” “No!” “I do! I hate Shakespeare!” “Why?” “I just don’t get it.” Does this sound like a familiar conversation? Though these lines are borrowed from the musical Something Rotten!, this may be exactly how you feel about all the Shakespeare plays everyone else seems to love […]

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Musical Theatre as a Vehicle for Change

Night after night, audience members walk out of the Broadway production of Hamilton feeling inspired. People are talking not only about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s score and Alexander Hamilton’s life and legacy, but also about the intersection of identity and performance in American musical theatre. For many avid theatregoers, they are inspired by the change this musical […]

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James’ Journey

One of’s current best selling songs is “Middle of a Moment” from Pasek and Paul’s new musical adaptation of James and the Giant Peach. Musical theatre fans are downloading the free cast album by their favorite composing team, but few know the journey of James and how this mighty musical is impacting both the fields of Theatre for […]

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Is Teaching Right for You?

I have often wondered who came up with the phrase “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Is this phrase true in the arts? Fine Arts educators are both skilled artists and skilled educators, possessing a broad range of talents in their artistic discipline and an understanding of how to teach their craft. In fact, for […]

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