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Behind the Lyrics of

Behind the Lyrics of "Go Tonight": Grief and Nothingness

When I was twenty years old, one of my high school friends got drunk and fell through the open window of a college dorm room and died. Everyone was drunk that night because it was one of those school-condoned “first-day-of-spring” rituals that colleges love. Community bonding, right? I took the call in my boyfriend’s dorm room. He had a single that year. It was small, impersonal. I rubbed my feet against the cold linoleum while I listened to another friend sob through the information. The phone can ring and your life can change. Except it doesn’t change all that much because you’re still alive. 

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Miles to Go: Feminism and THE MAD ONES

Miles to Go: Feminism and THE MAD ONES

It's a weird week to be going Behind the Lyrics on any song I've written because I'm not interested in looking back right now. I want to walk the streets of New Jersey one district over from my liberal neighborhood (the town's motto is "a stigma-free town," if such a thing exists) and explain to white women why we need to get our shit together and vote for our own interest and agency.

But maybe this is just as important. I guess I wouldn't write it if I didn't think it was.

Is Theatre Criticism Dead?

Dear Theatre Critics,

July has been a dark month for you. It seems you can say nothing right! After years of artists cowering in fear of what you might say about them, artists are standing up for themselves (and for each other) to call you out on the way you abuse the hand that feeds you. 

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Broadway Belongs to Me

I’ve seen Forbidden Broadway three times and I’ve always admired it. I may be a lyricist but I am not the gal you call if you want a punny, delightful, rhyme-bursting parody lyric. No, I am the Salieri to Gerard Alessandrini’s Amadeus. I love Forbidden Broadway as only one can who fully understands how it’s […]

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The First Post

This is the maiden post of the blog. Welcome! I have the great honor and responsibility of popping the proverbial cork. Clearly, it shouldn’t be me. I made a boat allusion. Like, we were about to embark on something more Anything Goes than blog. Though perhaps “anything goes” isn’t such a bad description. We […]

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