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Parting Gifts: 10 Songs You’ll Thank Me For

All good things must come to an end. I have had an absolute blast contributing to the NMT Green Room for the past few months. I’ve shared a few stories, expressed a few opinions, and tried to give you a glimpse of the world of Musical Theatre through my eyes—but most of all, I’ve sought […]

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Tourists and Musical Theatre enthusiasts alike flock to New York City every year to bask in the glow of the Theatre District marquees and be a part of the magic happening eight times a week. Some come to see a specific show, a specific star, or a specific writer’s work; others come to cross off […]

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One Proud Father

I am officially one proud Father. Before we give my Mother a heart attack, let me clarify: I don’t have a baby. I haven’t lived through a nine month pregnancy that culminated in a long, painful delivery process that brought a new life into the world. I won’t be changing diapers, fighting through late night […]

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A Medium Rating

Repeat after me: A medium rating is the best you can do. In the wake of the release of the highly anticipated Into the Woods film adaptation, the Musical Theatre community is again preparing to watch one of its sacred entities brought to life on the silver screen. On February 13th, 2015, the intimate and […]

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Wait… I’m Confused

Don’t blame them for being confused. Over eight million people call New York City home, hustling and bustling on the island and in the surrounding boroughs day in and day out.  But there is another population that makes up a large part of the city in fluctuating degrees throughout the year.  We complain about them, […]

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I listen to a lot of Musical Theater. Fine—I basically only listen to Musical Theater. Okay, okay…Hi, I’m Kevin…and I’m addicted to Musical Theater. Yes, I have other things on my iPod besides Cast Recordings…like Sara Bareilles albums…and the Frozen Soundtrack. But my love affair with Musical Theater started over twenty years ago when my […]

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