Top 10 NMT Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2015 is here today, but if you don’t have a costume ready for tonight, don’t panic. Here are 10 NMT Halloween costumes for you to try out, complete with a bonus song to break into in case there’s a lull in the festivities.

1. Natasha from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Dave Malloy)

All you need to be Natasha for the night is an elegant dress and some gorgeous soprano notes.

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2. Mudge from Henry and Mudge (Kerrigan-Lowdermilk)

Mudge is a fun-loving dog and 6-year-old Henry’s best friend. Grab some floppy ears and go make mischief.

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3. The Nightwalker and Her Mister from 35MM (Ryan Scott Oliver)

You might see some other vampires out tonight, but how many of them put a musical theatre spin on their costume? Channel the vampires of “Twisted Teeth” if you want a musical theatre costume on the spookier side.

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4. Lysistrata from Lysistrata Jones (Lewis Flinn)

Lyssie is a spirited and determined cheerleader. You’ll need a skirt, pom-poms, and an upbeat demeanor to make this character yours.

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5. Andrew Jackson from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Michael Friedman)

Presidential musicals are all the rage. But that doesn’t mean you need a cravat or bicorne hat. Grab some stage blood and opt for the steampunk-inspired (rather than period) attire used in the Broadway production and you’re good to go.

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6. The Velociraptor (Joe Iconis)

You might see other dinosaurs at your Halloween party, but I promise that none of them will be going as a velociraptor making her way in the big city. Bonus points if your velociraptor call rivals Liz Lark Brown’s:

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7. Warren from Ordinary Days (Adam Gwon)

Instead of spending time cooking up some crazy costume, your normal everyday clothes will more than suffice. Instead, spend the day making tiny fliers with cute drawings and inspirational quotes that you can bring to your Halloween party tonight.

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8. Marcy and Austin from I Love You Because (Salzman and Cunningham)

A great couples costume! Marcy and Austin are polar opposite characters. For Marcy, channel your inner hippie as you look through your wardrobe. For Austin, grab some business attire and you’re good to go. To get into the spirit of the song, carry around some to-go coffee cups all night and have one of the most hilarious arguments ever:

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9. Eddie Birdlace from Dogfight (Pasek & Paul)

Unless you’re a costume designer with a deep closet, this one will probably require some last minute shopping. But on the plus side, you can also grab two other procrastinating friends and go as the Three Bees!

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10. Karen from SMASH

If you’re in tech, put on this costume to avoid all badly-timed marriage proposals. Who says #ThrowbackSaturday isn’t a thing?

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Are you dressing up like a character from a musical tonight? Comment below or tweet us a picture!

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