Top 10 Underrated NMT Uptempo Songs for the Belter

If you were to flip through my audition book to find an uptempo song, it would be a sad day. My book is filled with an embarrassing number of ballads. I find this concerning and am in dire need of a musical change. Therefore, I decided it’s time to wipe away the ballad tears and reintroduce myself to up-tempo song choices. This sheet music list is dedicated to all of the underrated uptempos out there. Pause your ballad and enjoy some tunes.

10. “All About Me” by Michael Patrick Walker

I became very fond of Michael Patrick Walker after seeing Dog and Pony at the Old Globe. I really enjoyed the musical and he continues to amaze me as I hear more and more of his work. I love the tempo in this song; it makes you want to get up and dance.

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9. “Gotta Get Out” by Adam Gwon

This is a song from Ordinary Days. I have a new favorite from that show every week. I love this impromptu performance on the pier. The song is a lot of fun and they both are greatly enjoying themselves as well.

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8. “Freedom” by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk

“Just two girls with nowhere we have to be.” Regardless of how your day is going, this song will guarantee a smile. It is one of those special pieces that will take you to a specific time and place at ease.

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7. “Expectations of a Man” by Jonathan Reid Gealt

What can’t Jonathan Reid Gealt do? He has a song for everyone and every song is always someone’s favorite. This is one of my new favorite uptempos. Bridie Carroll absolutely nails this performance and I love the attitude she carries. Comedic uptempos are very hard to pull off while maintaining honesty; Bridie makes it look easy.

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6. “Happy” by Joy Son

Finding this song was such a nice surprise. I had not heard any music of Joy’s prior to “Happy,” but I am greatly impressed by it. It’s a great piece with a hilarious combination of passive aggression and sarcasm.

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5. “Drink My Way” by Jeff Blumenkrantz

It doesn’t get much better than Alysha Umphress singing this tune; she delivers a committed performance. This is 1 of 12 in the song cycle Month Upon a Time. Blumenkrantz and Umphress additionally just recorded their own album, titled I’ve Been Played.

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4. “I’m Sorry” by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk

I have to say that Kerrigan-Lowdermilk are killing it with the uptempos. I continue to be blown away by them the more I listen. As for “I’m Sorry,” I don’t like using words such as “adorable” to describe a song, but I’m making an exception. This song is adorable, Meghann Fahy is adorable, and the two paired make a perfect performance.

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3. “Fifteen Pounds” by Goldrich and Heisler

This song is brilliant in every way and so incredibly catchy. Goldrich and Heisler are a female power duo known for “Taylor, the Latte Boy” and “Alto’s Lament.” I appreciate their ability to truly captivate the listener with fluid lyrics that stick with you.

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2. “Let Go” by Lyons and Pakchar

WHOA! That was my exact response after I listened to this amazing song. This is a duo to keep your eyes on. They combine a variety of musical styles to create something poignant. Lyons and Pakchar met each other while on tour for The Book of Mormon and have been working together ever since. I love the combination of styles within this song – definitely not something you come across often. I’m probably going to spend the next few days obsessing and listening to all of their other songs.

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1. “Two Little Lines” by Drew Gasparini

This song is a gem and I’m so glad to have stumbled on it. I’ve had it on repeat on multiple occasions and for good reason. The Gasparinis are quite the talented family and I love that they collaborate together.

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Belters, what are your favorite uptempo songs? 

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