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Welcome to What We’re Reading, in which we’ll share with you some of our favorite articles about theater and performance from all around the internet this week.

Performances Ponder Future of Scotland” by Steven McElroy for The New York Times explores how a significant number of productions at the recent Edinburgh Fringe festival tackled the upcoming Scotland independence vote. As Tommy Sheppard, a venue operator, notes, “It’s in the nature of a festival like this one that it should reflect the times we live in.” If you’re interested in the upcoming vote or political theater more broadly, you’ll like this article.

Also: “The World Wide Theater at Our Fingertips” by DCW3 and Alex Ates for HowlRound is a cool piece that talks about different ways theater can use the internet – ways that extend beyond the “tweet seats” concept. Some productions mentioned in the article even embrace the internet as a performance venue. If you’re interested in theatrical innovation and/or performance studies, you should check this one out.

We’ve talked about The Interval and their amazing interviews before, so you already know that Victoria Myers’s interview with Lindsay Mendez is going to be awesome. She talks about new work, Wicked, her personal experiences in theater and music, gender parity, and more. If you’re a fan of Lindsay Mendez (and I’m guessing you are, because why wouldn’t you be), you should 100% read this interview.

And finally, if Lindsay’s interview piqued your interest in the upcoming Public Works production of The Winter’s Tale, “Seeker of Hard-Won Joy” is a fantastic article about its director, Lear deBessonet, by Helen Shaw for American Theatre. My interest in populist theater is no secret, so I loved reading more about the initiative and its leader. If you’re interested in ways theater can interact with different communities, I think you will love reading it too!

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