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Welcome to What We’re Reading, in which we’ll share with you some of our favorite articles about theater and performance from all around the internet this week.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t begin with The Interval’s wonderful interview with #NMTWriter Georgia Stitt. She talks about her work, her writing process, and today’s industry. I can’t say enough times that this interview is really worth a read. (By the way, if you don’t know about The Interval, you should fix that. I can’t wait to keep reading their interviews and see what else they’re working on.)

On a different note, “The Antipode of Camaraderie” by Stephan Wolfert is the most recent addition to HowlRound’s “Shakespeare Through the Lens of a Military Veteran” series. Wolfert takes passages from Richard III and compares them to similar quotes from presidential speeches. It’s a fascinating way to explore how relevant Shakespeare still is today.

Also on HowlRound, “Playwrights, Rewrites, Multiple Productions: I and You” is an interview with playwright Lauren Gunderson about the New Play Network’s Rolling World Premiere program. I loved learning more about RWP as well as about Gunderson’s revision process. It all goes to show why writers need production opportunities.

Finally: remember a few weeks ago when we talked about ways that theme parks use innovative theatrical techniques? This article: “For a Bit of Broadway, Turn Left at Space Mountain” by Erik Piepenburg for The New York Times is a different approach to a similar topic. Piepenburg profiles 3 shows at different theme parks, noting everything from their staggering number of weekly performances (spoiler alert: it’s more than 8) to the Broadway musicals they’re most like. A fun read!

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