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Welcome to What We’re Reading, in which we’ll share with you some of our favorite articles about theater and performance from all around the internet this week.

Shakespeare in the Park Rain.

Shakespeare in the Park Rain.

I loved “Sundance Playwrights Sound Off on Female Emergence, Blacklisting and Advocacy Group The Kilroys,” an interview with playwrights Dominique Morriseau, Annie Baker and Sheila Callaghan by Carey Purcell for Playbill.com. They were interviewed in response to The Kilroys list, and the writers discuss gender parity within the larger context of diversity in theater. It’s a great read for arts administrators, writers, and anyone who is interested in identity and representation in theater today.

In “Smell of the Greasepaint, the Funds of the Crowd,” Patrick Healy breaks down the relationship between crowdfunding and producing. The article was a great introduction to the issue for me; I, for one, am very interested to see what will happen as the line between the two gets more and more blurred.

Another economics-related article that I liked this week was “Why Are Theater Tickets Cheaper On The West End Than On Broadway?” by Ari Shapiro for NPR (which you can read and/or listen to!). It explores the reasons why Broadway tickets are much more expensive than West End tickets for the same show, and what theatergoers both gain and sacrifice when they pay lower ticket prices. No matter which side of the pond you hail from, if you’ve ever complained that theater tickets were too expensive, this article is relevant to your interests.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed “When the Fourth Wall Is Nature,” curated by Alexis Soloski for The New York Times. Soloski talked to actors, directors and producers about their most memorable weather-related experiences working on outdoor performances. From my experience as a theater student and theatergoer, I’ve learned to embrace the Happy Accident, so I really enjoyed reading about times when nature happened to interact with and enrich the text. I particularly loved Lily Rabe and Greg Petroff’s anecdotes, but the whole list is wonderful.

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