WRITER SPOTLIGHT: Carner and Gregor

This September, NMT is putting a spotlight on its writers. Each day, we’ll be featuring one writer or writing team’s recommended audition songs and audition tips – and sharing a discount code for their one-day-only Spotlight Sale! First up: Carner and Gregor.

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Recommended Male Audition Song: WALL LOVIN’

Performed by Stephen Anthony:

Watch this video on YouTube.

When performing this song, it’s important to be clear on when you’re addressing the audience and when you’re singing to your vision of the girl through the wall. A clear distinction between these two different points of focus will really help!

From an emotional perspective, we think this song is really about the singer’s desire to connect with another person.

Recommended Female Audition Song: ELEVEN O’CLOCK (a new release and NMT exclusive!)

Performed by Danielle Wade:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Lots of flexibility with the big notes in the bridge. Feel free to hold the notes out as written or come up with your own variations.

Carner and Gregor’s audition tip: Tone and pitch are more important than power. And make sure you know what all your lyrics mean! Also, remember that, generally speaking, the people on the other side of the table hope you’ll do great!

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