This September, NMT is putting a spotlight on its writers. Each day, we’ll be featuring one writer or writing team’s recommended audition songs and audition tips – and sharing a discount code for their one-day-only Spotlight Sale! Today, we point the spotlight on the amazing Joe Iconis. New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, and people who live nearby: Joe’s new musical BE MORE CHILL premieres at Two River Theater in the spring! And in the meantime, catch BLOODSONG OF LOVE in concert at 54 Below next month

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Favorite audition tip: Don’t audition. Be offer only.

Recommended male audition song: THE GOODBYE SONG

It’s about two things. One of those things is a father saying goodbye to his child in a way that makes his leaving a celebratory thing… the idea is that the singer is making it OK for the person he (or she) is saying goodbye to so that when the person thinks back on the moment, it’s only good thoughts… I think it’s a very selfless song. It’s giving a gift to the other person. Because of this, I think it would be a great audition song for a guy who is auditioning to work in a massage parlor or who is auditioning to be part of a high-class prostitution ring. It’s all about the other person, dude.

Incidentally, the second thing the song is about is very specific. It uses all the dialogue from the last scene of a famous movie and is about that movie. I’m not going to tell you because if you can’t figure out from the ten million “clues” that are on the internet, I’m ashamed of you.

Performed by Jason “SweetTooth” Williams:

Watch this video on YouTube.

Recommended female audition song: PLAY THE PRINCESS

No one ever sings this song, so you’ve got that going for you. Otherwise, don’t over-sing, choose a section of it that shows your skills as an actor, not just your voice. Your voice will shine through. Unless your voice is horrible. Then it will sound like someone with a horrible voice singing a song that no one has ever heard.

Performed by Katrina Rose Dideriksen and Krysta Rodriguez:

Watch this video on YouTube.

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